D. Francavilla

It has been a pleasure to watch our daughter grow as an independent learner at HNMCS. She has accepted challenges that have been presented to her through her dedicated teachers and has shown great personal development from them.

(Grade 11)

C. VandenHoek

One of the best things I see about HNMCS is that the girls "work hard" - but they also "play hard". For as much work as they are putting into all the assignments, tests, projects, etc...they are having a great deal of fun and I think it's a great balance!

(Grade 5)

W. & M.J. Brereton

Will and I are very pleased with HNMCS as a safe, nurturing environment for our daughters. The teachers are excellent - they work to inspire and educate. We would highly recommend HNMCS to anyone looking for a school to enrich your daughter.

(Grades 6, 8)

K. Creighton

HNMCS provides a uniquely nurturing and challenging environment. In these times of tough academic competition we believe our daughter will not only follow the path she chooses but be ready to excel in a post secondary program. Her HNMCS years have been truly formative. HNMCS is a one of a kind school.

(Grade 11)

E. & C. Gibbs

Our daughter is now at Wilfrid Laurier University and achieving wonderfully! Her incredible development and growth during her years at HNMCS has ensured her success in university and as a person. Thank you Holy Name!

(Class of 2012)

C. Stephen

Engaging, fun, compassionate and interesting teachers, along with administrators and office staff who ensure the school's values are at the core of all that goes on, sets HNMCS apart from the rest. Both our daughters feel privileged to be part of this wonderful environment.

(Grades 5, 10)

J. & J. Smirlies

The superb education that our daughter Victoria received with our faith at its core gave her an extended family and friendships to last a lifetime. Our daughter is a now a confident McMaster student who enjoyed an effortless transition from HNMCS

(Class of 2012)

J. Pontarollo

Holy Name of Mary College School has opened up a world of many learning opportunities for my daughter which has helped her gain not only knowledge but a true sense of self, inspiring her to meet her full potential.

(Grade 8)

L. & A. Walker

We are delighted with the academic growth and confidence that our daughter is achieving in the welcoming community at Holy Name of Mary College School. The teachers are focused on engaging students and enriching the learning experience.

(Grade 8)

W. Michael

This is a Catholic school with the right focus on values. The reason this school is so special has a lot to do with that. It's warm, welcoming and doesn't compromise its beliefs.

(Grades 7, 10, 11)

H. Bachmann

As a parent, I love Holy Name. My two daughters love to learn, have made great friends, and have lots of fun at school - and my oldest is going to attend one of the top university programs next year. We couldn't be happier!

(Grades 8, 12)

J. & H. Pankiw 2013

The positive changes in my daughters have been remarkable. They are finding their voices and growing as young women. The school has played a very large role in their progress.

Grades 6, 8)

D. Barker 2012

This is the best school my daughter has ever attended! The girls are wonderful, the staff caring and the program is comprehensive. We couldn't be happier.
(Grade 12)

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