Virtual Open House


November 20: The Girls' School Advantage Webinar & Virtual Open House

Why should parents consider a Holy Name of Mary College School education for their child? Because all-girl schools, like HNMCS, recognise and focus on the particular ways girls learn and research indicates they produce graduates who achieve greater academic success, are more self-confident and develop stronger leadership skills.

Girls’ schools can further empower girls by providing opportunities for girls to try new challenges. The best way for young and adolescent girls to establish their convictions, and then to develop the confidence and tools to be heard, is to be part of an environment where a girl and her unique capabilities are embraced for what they are and not limited to what society expects them to be.
Megan Murphy, Executive Director - National Coalition of Girls' Schools

What will the event cover?

The question many parents and guardians ponder when they seek to find the most supportive and enriching educational setting for their daughter is 'Do all-girls' environments measure up to their co-educational counterparts? During this webinar, we will discuss

  • the advantages of an all-girls' school.
  • how we continue to put the wellbeing of our students front and center of curriculum delivery, ensuring the school stays true to its mission of empowering young women to transform the world through intellectual curiosity and personal growth.
  • how our four guiding pillars of compassion, justice, respect and transformation help equip our students with the resilience, self-belief and tools they need to succeed in an uncertain world.

We want our students to flourish during their time at Holy Name of Mary College School, get the grades they require for their future education and go on to lead full and vibrant careers.

Who should attend?

Designed with prospective students and their families in mind, our virtual Open House event will help you better understand our school. This is a unique opportunity to meet current students from various grades, as well as members of our alumnae. Although this event is online, we make every effort to ensure you leave the webinar with as much of the full-school experience as possible. Communicating remotely is expected for this generation, so we are confident you will get a feeling for the vibrancy of our past and present students.

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