Alumna Julia Orsini

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Meet Julia Orsini, graduate of the Class of 2015, a fourth-year undergraduate student at the University of Toronto. Julia was one of 338 dynamic young women, one from each federal riding, selected to represent their community and communicate their vision for Canada during the Daughters of the Vote 2019 program, that took place in April. Here's what Julia had to say:

Ciao! My name is Julia Orsini and I hope through this experience I can effectively advocate for females not only in my riding, but nationally. I was raised by strong women in a multi-generational Italo-Canadian household, that shaped my view of the importance of integrating my heritage’s tradition into present-day Canada. My time as Student Council President at Holy Name of Mary College School taught me the importance of believing in one’s self, and the power of mentorship through developing leadership skills in young women. I am a strong advocate for the voice of women and believe in working collaboratively to achieve higher ground, evidently shown in my extra-curricular throughout my undergrad.

I have been involved in programming the UN Women Organization on my campus this year as Deputy Executive Director. Annually, we host a conference for Planet 50:50 by 2030, which formally asks governments to make national commitments to address challenges holding women back from achieving their full potential.

I am the Assistant Coordinator for Women in House and have had rewarding experiences with inspirational female leaders on Parliament Hill that contribute to policies that govern Canada daily.

In the fall, I will be studying at King’s College in London to complete my degree. In my future, I hope to be active in a forum believing in the positive influence of female participation in policy and lawmaking to encourage intersectional leadership and activism.