Athletics: Rocks & Rings, Basketball

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Athletics: Rocks & Rings, and Basketball

Rocks & Rings

Historians have reported the first formal curling club in Canada was formed in 1807 in Montreal. Since then, the Scottish game has become wildly popular across the country and Canada has dominated on the world stage. With that backdrop, HNMCS thought it might be fun to introduce our girls to this grassroots, everyman sport. On February 1, we welcomed the Rocks and Rings programme to campus. All Middle School and Grade 10/11 Phys Ed classes took part in a workshop to understand and play--yes play--the game many of us have heard of but not played. Thanks to unique indoor floor curling equipment we enjoyed a true curling experience without ice. It was a great time. Rock on girls!


U12 Basketball

On February 21, our Grade 5 and 6 basketball team participated in the annual PSAA U12 Basketball tournament at St. Mildred’s Lightbourn School. Their hard work over the season, energy and enthusiasm were all on display at the tournament, culminating in a third place finish overall. Well done girls. progression over the season and infectious energy and enthusiasm is to be commended!

The team was led by Coach Cassandra, who is also an HNMCS parent. She recently returned from a trip to India where she shared her passion for basketball with Catholic girls schools and worked with India’s #1 semi-professional women’s basketball team. Check out her company: Thank you Coach Cassandra for your commitment to helping us reach new heights with the HNMCS basketball programme.


U14 Basketball

On February 5th, HNMCS hosted the U14 PSAA Tier 1 basketball tournament. We competed alongside Mentor College, St Mildred’s Lightbourn School, Rotherglen-Oakville and John Knox Christian School. After a tough first game against Mentor College, HNMCS picked up a convincing win against St Mildred’s and progressed to the playoffs. John Knox took the overall top spot. Thanks everyone for your fantastic energy and effort!