CIS Festivals

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A Festival of the Arts

After a three year hiatus the Conference of Independent Schools (CIS) returned to their live arts festivals.

April 15th marked the return of the annual music festival, CISMF, to the spectacular stage at Roy Thomson Hall. This collaborative celebration of music, now in its 36th year, was presented by students and music educators from 32 of the 44 member schools. HNMCS was well represented with all three of our choirs showcasing their exceptional talent at the event.

On April 19th the Grade 7 students attended the CIS Drama Festival. Hosted by the world-renowned Stratford Festival, students participated in a variety of workshops, ranging from Clown to Combat and Improv to Writing. Working with Stratford’s performing artists raised the calibre of conversation about theatre, offering the girls supportive feedback and further educating them how to adjudicate a show.

The girls were later further immersed in the world of theatre, enjoying the current production, Spamalot, at the Avon Theatre. Following that, they attended an insightful and informative Q&A session with some of the Spamalot cast. They enjoyed meeting and learning from professionals in the industry and also appreciated the social opportunities with dedicated peers from member schools.



At the CISMF, the exuberant Junior Choir set the tone for the concert with their lively and charming performances of "Reflections of a Lad at Sea - The Ghost Ship”. The entire stage was brimming with youthful energy with “The Sun is Mine”. They continued to showcase their lively charm and “joie de vivre” with "J’Entends Le Moulin". Leaving a lasting impression singing and "Over the Rainbow/What A Wonderful World".

The CISMF Intermediate Choir followed, delivering a powerful and upbeat message with their performances of "Stand Together", "Count on Me" and "This Is Me". Their rendition of "Sisi Ni Moja" was a masterpiece, showcasing their perfect execution and harmonies. The choir's performance ended on a high note with "This Is Me" from the Greatest Showman, leaving the audience feeling energized and uplifted.

Our very own Sarah Kim '27, shone in the CISMF Concert Band, as the second clarinet, showcasing her talents in "Libertango" and "Black Forest Overture". Her dedication and passion for music were evident and her leadership was inspiring to our HNMCS bands.

The CISMF Senior Choir's diverse repertoire of songs was nothing short of breathtaking. Their powerful and soul-stirring rendition of "Woodsmoke and Oranges" filled the auditorium with melodious and harmonious voices. The choir's performance of "Wanting Memories" was poignant and evocative, tugging at the heartstrings of many. The audience was clapping and tapping their feet to the lively and upbeat rendition of "Turn the World Around", while their skillful execution of "TaReKiTa" left the audience amazed.

The grand finale was a breathtaking rendition of ABBA's "Thank You For the Music", bringing all three choirs together with the feature all three choirs, the String Ensemble, and Percussion for a truly unforgettable performance. Under the direction of the renowned conductor Zimfira Poloz, the harmonious voices of the choir members blended seamlessly together to create a truly epic sound. The audience rose to their feet and joined in with the music, clapping and cheering along. The finale left everyone in attendance with a sense of awe and inspiration, ending the concert on a high note.

Overall, the 36th Annual CISMF was a resounding success, thanks in no small part to the incredible talent and dedication of the students and music educators involved. The music was simply stunning, with every performer bringing their unique artistry and creativity to the stage. It was an event that truly celebrated the power of music to inspire and uplift, leaving everyone in attendance feeling energized and inspired.