Everyone benefits from being active in the community. It’s what allows us to learn about each other, gain a sense of connection and put our talents and skills to work helping one another. HNMCS is always looking for ways to take part and introduce our students to new experiences beyond the school.


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Upcoming Event: Calm, Coach, Connect and Create


Presented by Beverly Ellenboegen
May 13th at 7pm

As we all struggle to cope with the impact of COVID-19 on our lives, many of our intuitive ways of being both physically and emotionally healthy have been challenged. As parents and individuals, it is difficult to balance our own emotional equilibrium while also supporting our children and other family members. The “Calm, Coach, Connect and Create” workshop has been developed and refined over a number of years to provide families with a framework to promote well-being, as well as navigate information about mental health. It will help to address our new reality and increase well-being and resiliency in our homes and our communities by providing clarity, insight and encouragement.

Bio: Beverly is a Registered Psychological Associate who has been providing services in the field of school and clinical psychology for over a decade. Throughout this time Beverly has had a passion for delivering meaningful and accessible workshops to educators and families to increase insight into the learning and emotional needs of young people, as well as how to support personal growth, resilience and wellbeing. Her workshops are informed by an understanding of cognition and cognitive processes, emotion focused therapy/school support, executive skills coaching and mindfulness.,


Slides are available here.