Summer Camp

Looking for summer fun? Look no further!


HNMCS Robotics, FRC Team 7659, is excited to be hosting free Virtual Coding Summer Camps that stimulate creative thinking, systematic reasoning and collaborative work through engaging challenges. No prior coding experience is required. Please complete the summer camp interest form below and we'll be sure to send you the details.

SCRATCH Coding Camp - open to grades 5-9

Are you new to programming? Our SCRATCH Coding camp will introduce the fundamentals of programming through the Scratch Programming Language, a web-based block-programming language developed by MIT. Scratch allows you to program at multiple levels to create interactive stories, games and animations. As it is web-based it is easily shared between friends and the online community.

LEGO Robotics Camp - open to grades 5-9

The LEGO Robotics Virtual Summer Camp further develops 21st century skills among young people by engaging them to think critically and solve complex problems through collaboration and playful activities built around colourful LEGO blocks, easy-to-use hardware and the web-based block-programming language. No coding experience is necessary as attendees will be guided through the basics of programming and hardware control.

JAVA Coding Camp - open to grades 7-9

Java is currently one of the most popular high-level, class-based, object-oriented programming languages developed at Sun Microsystems and maintained by Oracle. Attendees will be guided through fundamental programming concepts and constructs in order to plan, write and debug simple programs. No prior experience is required!

FRC Robotics Camp - open to grades 7-9

The FRC Robot Coding Camp combines the power of programming with the Java Programming language with robotics to introduce the basics of robotics. Participants are challenged to creatively control a robot while using their imagination to add the STEAM to STEM. Basic coding knowledge would be helpful but not required for this camp as basic Java syntax will be reviewed. Participants will work on fun creative activities as they program the robot to maneuver through obstacle courses to music and an LED light routine. No hardware is necessary as the robot will be virtually controlled with a webcam to view projects.