enCourage: November 10, 2021

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Personalized Learning - What Every Girl Receives

- Part 3 of 3

There is so much talk these days about science and data. It is not any different in the education world. We know about brain development and the pace with which a person’s brain grows, changes and is fully developed.

At HNMCS we have students between the ages of 9-18 and there is a lot of change and growth going on inside and out. So what does this mean for girls beyond the classroom? Where are her choices and what as a school do we see as necessary for every girls’ growth and development? Where does she find her opportunities to grow beyond the data?


Carrie Hughes-Grant
Head of School

As an independent school, families know that we are able to produce a strong education for their daughters. We as a school are stretching our boundaries in this area too and asking our girls to take risks and try something new. How are we also doing this beyond the walls of the classrooms and really allowing our girls to stretch their wings and fly?

Our girls will: be able to lead others
Our girls will: if they choose, make a proposal to start a new club or activity
Our girls will: be coached and supported through the challenges and excitement of life
Our girls will: know how to be a collaborative member of a team
Our girls will: know how to live inside of our core values
Our girls will: be the leaders in all areas of the school
Our girls will: build capacity in themselves to be who they are meant to be
Our girls will: learn how to make decisions, hear other people's opinions and change and grow in their own
Our girls will: build community in their houses, classes, grades and the larger HNMCS community
Our girls will: find a second home

I was recently asked, what do we ultimately want for our girls - what is the overall vision for the school? I can undeniably say that it is to produce girls who go into the world to truly affect change - in a real way because they know they can. How do we get there? We give girls choices and opportunities that allow them to make decisions that will set the course for where they want to go - personally - not where their friend is going, not what their parents want, but at their core - with confidence.