Catholic Identity

Integrated Spirituality

The purpose of a Catholic education is to empower students with their faith so they grow into good, caring citizens of the world who lead with integrity. Here at Holy Name of Mary College School, Catholicism and the teaching of our sponsors, the Felician Sisters and the Basilian Fathers of St. Michael's College School are interwoven in all aspects of the curriculum and school life.

Gospel Values Are Universal Values

Our Catholic identity is core to who we are as a school and to the values we live each and every day: Respect for ourselves and for others; Compassion expressed through understanding and service; Justice through promoting good; and Transformation achieved by having open minds and hearts and by always trying to do and be better.

Catholic Identity

Global Opportunities

Holy Name of Mary College School enhances cultural understanding by providing opportunities to visit international destinations on academic, cultural and community service oriented trips.

Students have had the opportunity to visit the Galápagos Islands and the Amazon rainforest, India and New York and benefit from experiential learning opportunities. Our global programme is a continuation of our focus in the classroom: to develop the skills, attitudes and behaviors necessary to succeed in the 21st century, globalized marketplace.

Global Opportunities

Croatia Scientific Research Expedition:

Monica Opoka '18 “We were helping the scientists collect data through fish, herpetofauna, cave, bird, and mammal surveys. It was so exciting to be part of real life scientific research, that I would even sign up for extra activities, like a bird survey at night.”

Iluore Asekomhe '18 “I would recommend this trip to anyone who is interested in expanding their worldview. To physically see, our own effects on the environment as a human species through analyzing the data of marine and terrestrial animals; me versus them, separation mentality was shattered. Even now, after the experience not only my excitement for this upcoming grade 12 biology year has increased but my eagerness to change my everyday actions to help conservation efforts.”


Journey to Kenya on a Mission to Change the World:

Christal Cheng '18 “Travelling to the other side of the world definitely required a whole lot of courage. However, the trip was an eye-opening experience that expanded my horizons and outlook on life. It exposed me to a brand new perspective, in which I have learned to be appreciative for all the privileges that I have.”

Rebecca Gritti '18 “Before the trip, I often saw kids living an African lifestyle on TV and in different media, but being able to get a firsthand experience of different communities and lifestyles in Kenya was unforgettable. This trip showed me not to take my privileges for granted, but to use them to help others who have fewer privileges than I do. We were born into the life we have and it is important to appreciate everything that we are blessed with.”

Emma Marques '18 “We made new friends with the local children, mamas, Masai warriors, and made stronger friendships with each other. We were all able to see how differently others live so happily across the world, with less than we could ever imagine living with. We are all so thankful for the amazing trip that has forever changed our lives.”

Dominican Republic

Medical Mission in the Dominican Republic:

Marina Fonseca '20 “When we work together to accomplish God's work, the greatest transformations and impacts will be made. During the whole trip, I was so extremely empowered from helping others, and I believe that a mission trip is an experience like none other, which everyone should have the opportunity to attend. This experience will stay with me through my whole life.”


Student Life


The co-curricular programme is integrated in the school on a four days per week rotation schedule. Students in Middle School participate in a compulsory programme, while Senior School students broaden their horizons through a wide selection of clubs, arts or athletics. The life skills developed in these activities promote relationship-building and teamwork, and enhance each student’s understanding of her abilities and responsibilities as part of the school community and the broader social community. Students may also choose an academic support option to receive help from a teacher or complete assignments.


The Teacher Advisor Programme (TAP) is a key component of the HNMCS experience. Each student is a member of a TAP group that meets with a teacher mentor. The goal of the programme is for students to create positive relationships with their peers and their TAP teacher. TAP sessions provide an opportunity for students to have a safe space to get to know one another, be heard and understood, ask questions and engage in important discussions.


The Motion Monday Programme (MM) is part of the ongoing commitment of HNMCS to support and enhance wellness and balance. Over the course of the year, students participate in athletic, musical, relaxation and dance activities.


The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is an international programme of self-directed activities, which supports young people in their development and provides recognition for their achievements. Any young person between the ages of 14 and 25 can participate. The three levels of the Award, Bronze, Silver and Gold, are achieved by participants attaining personal goals in the areas of Community Service, Skill Development, Physical Recreation and Outdoor Adventure.


Holy Name of Mary College School fosters the development of strong female Catholic leaders, who are guided by our core values to be active leaders in their community. The “M” Award celebrates academic achievement and the overall contribution a girl makes to better student life and the larger school community at HNMCS throughout her Senior School years. To be eligible for the “M” Award, a student must fulfill the required components in four categories: service, academics, co-curricular involvement and athletics.

Athletics Awards


Participation in team sports builds pride in self and school, integrity, teamwork, commitment, balance and resilience--the skills necessary to succeeding in the 21st century. The goal of the athletic programme is to provide opportunities for girls to pursue excellence in a variety of sports and includes intramural and competitive teams.

Elite Athletes and Artists Programme

Excellence and Passion in BalanceHoly Name of Mary College School is committed to supporting girls as they strive for excellence in their athletic and artistic passions outside of school, while maintaining strong academic grades and personal balance. We are proud of our girls and we understand the additional commitment of time and energy required to perform at an elite level while also sustaining academic excellence.

Outdoor Education Programme

Leadership GrowthWe believe experiencing the natural world helps students develop an appreciation for the environment, creativity and their own physical abilities and is a catalyst for personal, social and spiritual growth. A variety of outdoor camps are held throughout the school year to encourage cooperation, teamwork, acceptance and positive leadership.

The Arts

The Arts

Music, Drama, Visual Arts

We believe the Arts play a key role in the development of a well-rounded, inquisitive, confident individual. The Arts provide an opportunity for girls to express their creativity, to explore and interpret the diverse world we live in, to collaborate and to share and celebrate their unique perspectives.

HNMCS celebrates the Arts in the Middle School through a robust programme that includes everything from band, music and choir to drama, art and design. Our students in Senior School are involved in art, music and drama. They are invited to audition for the St. Michael’s College School spring musical and fall drama production as well as their year end talent night. We host our whole school annual Christmas Concert that includes various musical and theatrical pieces, and we round out our programme with a Spring Café and often a visit from our school robot!