A Novel for the Generations 2018

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More than the Book Cover

Geneva Hines ’19 designed the cover of Fire Maria, Memories of My Grandmother, the recently published book by her grandfather, W. H. Harrison.

Set in 1940s Jamaica, Fire Maria is the story of a grandmother's love for, and influence on, her grandchild, his awakening wondering over life, that has continued to grow long after she is gone. It is the story of a grandson’s growing to an understanding of all his grandmother taught him. It is an homage to a woman who unreservedly gave her life to ensure her grandson realized his full potential.


Geneva’s grandfather, William “Son” Harrison, settled in the province of Quebec where he continued his career in teaching. He resides there still as a retired educator and former principal.

In addition to designing the cover art, Geneva is also helping promote the book through social media.
I was very happy when I heard that my grandpa had finally finished his work and was ready to publish the novel. I love that all of the histories of my family will always be recorded in this book, with a variety of stories in relation to living in Jamaica. I was excited to design the cover to my grandfather’s book as the cover captures the only picture left of my great-great-grandmother. This book is a passage to history in my family and I do realize that not everyone has the chance to learn about their families lives in detail from years prior.
Geneva Hines '19