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Holy Name of Mary College School welcomes applications from candidates eager to be a part of our collaborative, innovative, student-centred learning environment.

At Holy Name of Mary College School, we offer students the opportunity to develop their academic interests, as well as a wide range of sporting options, visual and performing arts and other clubs and activities to engage in. HNMCS is fortified by a strong liberal arts education, a sound understanding of the role of technology in the world, and a belief that in our community we acknowledge and celebrate the many and varied gifts and talents of our classmates and teammates.

We offer applicants the chance to demonstrate that they can be successful here. Each application is considered and assessed individually. We look for demonstrated academic achievement and the ability, and desire, to reach your true potential. There are no hidden social criteria; we simply want the best students to apply.

So whoever you are, and wherever you come from, if you have the ability, the enthusiasm and the motivation to study here, then we want to hear from you.


There has never been a more exciting time to join Holy Name of Mary College school. Re-established in 2008 by the Felician Sisters and St. Michael’s College School, HNMCS is a progressive, vibrant community that provides girls with rich educational opportunities and a multitude of co-curricular activities to ignite interests and broaden horizons. We continue to focus on academic excellence, building on the foundation established by the Felician Sisters, and offer an enriched university preparatory curriculum, fostering high academic standards for teaching and learning.

The Admissions Process is very straightforward. For those parents who have never explored independent school education, the steps below should assist you in making the best possible choice for your daughter.


There is no better way to ensure a school is a good fit for you and your daughter than to book one of our Admissions events. This allows you to ensure that your preliminary research is matched in practice. Ask questions and speak to as many staff, students, and parents as possible. This will give you the best sense of the actual environment your daughter will be experiencing. Be sure to view our Admissions Brochure which should answer most of your remaining questions about the process.

Explore Our Website

We recommend each prospective family explore our website and view some of the videos and photos. This information will give you a good idea of our school community, our students, and our beliefs. An excellent first step in successfully selecting a school is to make sure that the school values and approach align with your wishes for your daughter.

Formally Apply

Once you have decided our school community is the place for your daughter, please fill in the initial application form available below and register your daughter to write the test. Based on the outcome of the entire process, your daughter will be offered admission to our school and join our wonderful community of learners.

The Application Process

Step 1

Complete Candidate Information Click on the "Initial Application" button above to begin the application process. Following this, you will be sent an email inviting you to complete a formal application. In addition to the various documents referenced below, you will be asked to upload a recent photograph of the student, proof of status in Canada (copy of birth certificate, passport or study permit) and a Baptism certificate or letter from parish.

Step 2

Provide Academic Documents Scan and upload copies of the applicant's final report cards from the previous two years and the most recent report card for the current year. Candidates seeking entrance to Grades 11 or 12 must also upload a copy the official Ontario Student Transcript and Credit Counselling Summary.

Step 3

Submit Application Fee A non-refundable application fee of $125 for Canadian residents and $250 for international students is required at the time of application.

Step 4

Student Reference Ensure the Confidential Student Profile is sent to the applicant's current school to be filled in by the principal, guidance counsellor or teacher and then returned directly to the HNMCS Office of Admissions.

Step 5

In-House Admission Test All candidates applying to grades 5-12 are required to take our in-house written test, which evaluates the candidate’s general mathematical, reading comprehension and English skills. There is no preparation for the test. Please click on the "Admissions Test" button above to register for the test.

Step 6

Submit All Documentation Applications must be submitted by November 30th to ensure a mid-February notification. Applications received after this date will be reviewed and notification will be done following the March Break.

Step 7

Interview Once we have all requirements completed, the Office of Admissions will contact the family to schedule a one-on-one meeting with the candidate.

The HNMCS Community

is looking forward to welcoming you and your daughter to her new academic home.


The annual tuition fees for Holy Name of Mary College School are set by the school’s management team in conjunction with its Board of Directors.

It includes academic course related field trips, athletic fee and some co-curriculars, as well as all religious retreats, one mandatory outdoor education camp (Grs. 5-10) and a hot lunch programme.

Textbooks, school supplies, transportation, meals, private music instruction and school uniform are not included in fees.

2023-24 Financial InformationSchedule of Fees & Payment Plans
Request more Informationfor International Student Fee, Financial Aid and all other admissions enquiries


While Holy Name of Mary College School is an independent school, the tuition is not intended to exclude students on a financial basis. An income-based Bursary program is available for those in need of financial assistance and we encourage families to seek financial assistance when it is required.

The Programme offers financial assistance to those who require help to offset the cost of tuition, and operates through FAST (Financial Aid for School Tuition) – by Independent School Management (ISM) in conjunction with the HNMCS Bursary Committee.

Families apply for bursaries during the application process to Holy Name of Mary College School and must re-apply for bursary assistance on an annual basis. Applications for bursary assistance should be made by November 30.

Funds are limited, so please submit early and give yourself time to complete the financial assistance application and have the proper documents ready. New families must apply for bursary assistance at the same time as they apply for admission. Please note that all decisions made by the Bursary Committee are final.

Visit the FAST Website to complete a Bursary Application

From Our Home to Yours

We Welcome You to HNMCS!