Athletic Achievements

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Celebrating Athletic Achievements

Banquet & Awards

The 2019 Senior Athletic Banquet celebrated all the athletes who were part of HNMCS’ 11 senior teams this academic year. Among the new entries to our roster: Junior Basketball, Senior Cross Country, Senior Badminton and Senior Golf.

Tara Kemper ‘19 and Geneva Hines ‘19 were recognized with the Athletic Leadership Award. This award recognizes student athletes in Grade 12 who have made an exemplary contribution to the advancement of the Athletics programme throughout their time at HNMCS. They have demonstrated strong leadership either as the captain of teams, helping promote athletics around the school, and or by setting a strong example of what it means to be a member of the HNMCS Athletics programme. Thank you Tara and Geneva for your leadership and commitment.

Emmy Lebed ‘19 and Maya Pankiw ‘19 were recognized with the Athletic Merit Award. This recognition is awarded to students in Grade 12 who have demonstrated unwavering commitment to both the athletics and arts/science programs at HNMCS. These students have not only been a part of a Senior team all three terms of the school year but have balanced a diverse Co-Curricular schedule, remaining active in all areas of school life. This student or students demonstrate what it means to be a well-rounded HNMCS student. Thank you Emmy and Maya for your dedication and for leading by example.


Athlete of the Year

Clara Dmytryshyn ‘21 was named Junior Athlete of the Year and Victoria Migliore ‘20 was named Senior Athlete of the Year.

Clara played Flag Football, Volleyball, and Soccer. She also pitched in to run as part of a relay team at a Cross Country meet in October and helped lead the Volleyball team to a Gold Medal in the tournament at Hawthorn School in February. She is the epitome of what it means to be a student-athlete here at HNMCS.

Victoria played Flag Football, Volleyball, and Rowing. It was her first year playing Flag Football, but she quickly became an integral part of the team, playing both offence and defence. She was also the captain of the Volleyball team which made the ROPSSAA playoffs for the first time. Congratulations Clara and Victoria!


Middle School Athletic Celebration

The Middle School Athletic Celebration recognized students who participated on any MS sports team throughout this school year. Students were treated to a slideshow of all the MS sports and each individual who participated on a team was presented with a certificate.

Special mention goes to the U12 softball team, U14 basketball team and U14 soccer team who all progressed to the semi-finals this year.

A heartfelt thanks to Brigitte Rauch ‘23 and Victoria Mlcoch ‘23 who ran the event this year.