E-Husky International/Elite

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E-Husky Programme

HNMCS is proud to announce the launch of 2 new programmes under it's E-Husky banner.

E-Husky: Summer

E-Husky: Summer offers selected OSSD (Ontario Secondary School Diploma) courses that HNMCS girls may want to take in the summer to provide timetable flexibility during the school year. In this programme, students will learn in an environment designed to foster the independence necessary for post-secondary school, in a supportive milieu that purposefully builds capacity in girls so they can succeed in this setting. Courses are taught by HNMCS teachers and students will learn in a way that addresses current best-teaching practices so that girls become thinkers and creators - the necessary qualities to be successful in contemporary post-secondary institutions and beyond.

E-Husky International/Elite

E-Husky International/Elite is an e-learning programme developed for today’s twenty-first century students. With vibrant and accessible e-technologies, limiting education to a room, or a building, or even a province, state or nation is no longer necessary. Today’s students want flexible timetables that work with their individual lifestyles and provide opportunities for them to go beyond the limits of geography. International experiences and connections that allow them to learn different cultures and perspectives is an increasing expectation of today’s learners . They know that these opportunities can be facilitated through technology without leaving their home country. E-Husky International/Elite allows students to learn with peers from around the world in a model where location and time zone are not impediments to this experience.

E-Husky International/Elite also provides opportunities for elite athletes and artists from around the world. Many students in this demographic want to earn a quality, university preparatory education, while remaining geographically close to their coaches, teams, orchestras, and drama troupes. E-Husky International/Elite allows students to obtain a top quality education from an Ontario independent university preparatory school while being able to work from their home base to continue their athletic or artistic training.

E-Husky International/Elite is a rigorous academic programme that leads to the Ontario Secondary School Diploma, or OSSD, one of the most globally recognized and respected secondary school diplomas. The program’s benefits transcend content knowledge. Students in this programme will learn from teachers trained in best e-learning practices to mitigate the challenges students face during Covid-19 pandemic distance learning. A model that goes far beyond replicating an in-person classroom online, E-Husky International/Elite delivers asynchronous courses purposefully designed to foster self-sufficiency and independence in students. These skills are vital for success in both in-person and online post-secondary study. In addition, students will build capacity to become thinkers and creators, instead of simply knowers, and these are qualities contemporary employers cherish and hold at a premium. All of this takes place in a supportive environment where students receive regular, ongoing feedback from teachers to ensure e-learning students remain on track and produce quality academic work. Part of the supportive environment also entails courses with fixed start and end dates in order to ensure programme completion, over other e-learning models that have open end dates or end dates that go beyond a twelve month period.

If you’re looking for a top education that incorporates an international experience without leaving the comforts of home, E-Husky International/Elite is a programme for you. For more information please contact Director of Academics, Ryan Baker.