Eco Stewardship

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Great Gulp & 7th Annual Eco-Conference

On April 3rd, HNMCS participated in the first ever Virtual Great Gulp event. At 12:45 pm, all staff and students were invited to participate in an online Google Meet where a video was shared by student government which describes the importance of staying away from plastics and using Tap water to save the environment. At precisely 12:55 pm, we all took a synchronized drink from a reusable bottle/cup/mug.


April 21st marked our 7th Annual Eco Conference and our first ever virtual one. Our main theme for this year’s Eco Conference was "Food Sourcing”. Our keynote speaker was Katarina Banovic, a holistic nutritionist, who has deep gratitude for nature, its magnificence and bountiful beauty beyond comprehension. With the deepest respect for nature, Ms. Banovic has searched to find sustainable methods of supporting wellbeing of human life. She explained to the students how nature connects us all and provides us with the resources to thrive and what we should do in return to honour those laws of nature. Ms. Banovic encouraged access to nutritious and healthy food with an increase in local initiatives.

Following this presentation, the Grade 9 students prepared interesting and interactive workshops for MS to watch and enjoy. Each presentation focused on one type of food and included interesting information and fun activities for all of MS to enjoy while learning about where their food comes from and what are the best ways to source them.