Ghana: Mini-Med Opportunities

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Mini-Med Expands to Africa!

HNMCS is committed to fostering an environment for academic learning and sharing knowledge, and we are always on the lookout for new opportunities for our girls to expand their horizons.

Earlier this month Ms. Euginia Nicoletti travelled to Accra, Ghana, on a 10-day Partners for Patients Project C.A.R.E. Pilot, to explore the possibility of expanding the Mini-Medical School to Africa. During her visit at the Accra Military Hospital, Ms. Nicoletti, our Medical Science Lead, worked under the leadership of Commander, Dr. Sarkokie, M.D. (Hematology) and Commander, Dr. Mingle, M.D. (Head of Public Health) We are so excited to announce that she has secured future week-long observerships for our students in a variety of hospital units. Observership programmes provide an invaluable learning experience for students who have a passion for health care, and this is the first time our school has been given this type of medical opportunity!

Bringing our students more real-world experiences to support medical professions, is my passion.
- Ms. Nicoletti

During her visit, she personally met the Commanders of the Department of Defence and Health Services, and was honoured to train a group of military doctors and nurses in cGMP Drug Safety Training through her experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

This opportunity in Ghana will likely be for 10 days in the summer, encompassing observerships at the military hospital, a philanthropic opportunity for our students to volunteer 1-2 days at a local orphanage, and of course a social day at the beach and shopping mall.