Giving Tuesday 2021

The Stargazer News

For it is in giving that we receive.
St. Francis of Assisi

While Giving Tuesday (November 30th) took place at home this year, the senior students of Holy Name of Mary College School participated in a variety of acts of service and kindness that reached far and wide - touching the lives of many, and reminding us that “it is in giving that we receive”. They embarked on a number of individual tasks in service to their homes, the greater community, the environment, and the HNMCS community and Felician Ministry.

Many of the students began their day “Serving in their Homes.” Whether they were washing floors, cleaning and organizing, doing laundry, or cooking for a family member, the students used this time to express gratitude by caring for their homes and families.

After a fresh snowfall, when given the task of “Caring for the Environment,” a number of students bundled up and took to the snow to shovel driveways. Others picked up garbage in their neighborhood, or used this time to collect clothing and other items to recycle and donate to new homes.

It was fun to find different ways we can reflect and give back to our own community.
- Aisha Daniel-Samuel '24
It was a wonderful way to spend the day. Taking the time to think of and help others strengthened my relationship with God.
- Manuela Attardo '25

This year, as a part of “Caring for the Community", HNMCS partnered with Sandwich Sisters, a movement that began in 2020 to connect members of the community who want to help, with those who need it. When “caring for the community", some students made sandwiches, while others baked or gathered lunch items. All of these items were then brought into the school and delivered to the Good Shepherd Centre the next day, to feed those in the greater community. Some students spent this time knitting hats for babies in the NICU, while others gathered clothing or food to donate to local charities and churches. A special Thank You to the Parent Association for delivering all of the sandwiches and baked goods to the Good Shepherd Centre on our behalf.

The final tasks of Giving Tuesday involved writing a note of thanks to an HNMCS staff member or administrator and a letter or card to a Felician Sister. While much of the day was spent serving others and caring for the greater community, this task brought their service closer to home. Students took this time to write meaningful notes of thanks and beautiful cards that brightened the day of members within our own community.

Giving is a selfless act. It is a demonstration of compassion and care for others that we learn from Jesus, the King of Kings, who came not to be served, but to serve. May the joy that students took from this day, inspire them to continue to seek ways to serve others in their daily lives.