Grade 12 Retreat

On March 29, the grade 12s participated in their first in person retreat in over 2 years. The theme of the retreat was ‘Ascent,’ highlighting the key topics of moving forward onto the next chapter of their lives in line with what is God’s plan and purpose for their lives. The day began with Mass at Mary, Star of the Sea Parish in Port Credit. It was a special gift that Fr. Michael Simoes celebrated Mass for us specifically for our graduating class. He recognized the difficulties that we have all faced during the pandemic, and that we are all looking to move forward. God can give us clarity, comfort and next steps to make in our lives and come out of this feeling of being ‘stuck’ that we were in for so long.

After being grounded in the Eucharist, the group enjoyed brunch together. Students raved about how refreshing it was to enjoy a meal together and build community in that way. Even scripture tells us that Jesus saw the value of sharing a meal together. The rest of the retreat was experienced at school. The students listened to scripture, had small group discussions, opportunities for prayer and team building activities.

The retreat came at a particularly challenging and busy time in the school year, and many students felt renewed and connected, strengthened by God and the support of their teachers and fears to finish the remaining months of their high school experience. We ask that you continue to pray for the grade 12 class retreat participants and that the fruits received during the retreat may continue to be felt and seen in our girls.