Grade 5/6 at HNMCS

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Why are we asking you to join our school community at grade 5 or 6? What is in it for your family and more specifically your daughter?

At HNMCS we are a community of students, families, educators and administrators who are all working towards the same goal: an incredible place for your daughter to attend, learn and grow.

why start at grade 5 or 6?

Our middle school programme aims to prepare and support our girls for the senior elementary and high school years. They are provided with small classes and individualised attention, which will help propel them into the world of creative thinkers and effective problem solvers. We want our students to advocate for themselves and become leaders in their own right, whatever that looks like for them. We want students who are curious and take risks and want to explore the many paths that can outline her journey.

We have a very robust student life programme that opens up a world of possibilities: robotics to athletics to crafts amongst other leadership opportunities too. We have a house system that allows the students to make friends in other grades and participate in organised house activities. There is something in our programme for everyone. Every student also participates in outdoor education, starting with the 5 and 6s heading to teen ranch in the spring.

Academics are personalised with students having programmes to help guide and support her on her very specific journey. The courses in grades 5 and 6 and aimed at exploration and safe spaces to take risks. The students work together to create and build on their knowledge and the curricular content that will help set them up for the future courses and their futures. As a well-rounded school with a liberal arts philosophy, we offer courses in music, choir, design, STEM, drama, visual arts, French, physical education and of course religion, Language Arts, social studies and maths.

We look forward to speaking with you directly about what HNMCS can do for your family and your daughter’s education. Next Stop: Her Future.

HNMCS changed the trajectory of both of our daughters' academic success! We couldn't be more grateful for the incredible education and overall experience both our middle school daughter and high school daughter received over the last several years at HNMCS. High-fives and big hugs to all the educators, administrators, coaches, and spiritual advisors that make HNMCS a great place for young women to go, grow, and glow.
- Cassandra Irving