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HNMCS: A hub for innovation!

At HNMCS students are engaged daily in innovative lessons and new approaches and tools to learn. Programmes like Innovation Time and a plethora of co-curriculars focused on integrating digital media and technology, including Robotics, Destination Imagination, Broadcasting and DIY Club, have allowed students to fuse their academic life with their imaginations.

During Innovation Time students have the freedom to explore "passion" projects. This year Senior School students worked on various innovation projects from the following groups: Wellness and Mindfulness, Innovative Technology, My First Start up, Think Globally, Performance and Conceptual Design, Social Engagement and Activism.

Cassandra Yacynowych '20, Corsen Parker '20 and Mallory Bond '20 each received the Innovation Technology Award for their outstanding projects and creative risk-taking exploring novel possibilities. The projects were evaluated based on the criteria of Creativity, Innovation, Involvement, Development and Product/Service.

Middle School IT Projects

Here’s a look at the innovation projects the Middle School students worked on this year:

Grade 5 conducted a research project based on a topic of their choice
Grade 6 students developed a step-by-step process for learning a new skill
Grade 7 created a business plan for a new business
Grade 8 students completed a virtual tour of a town/city of their choice and enhanced their interview skills


Fun with TECH

HNMCS Robotics Team 7659 hosted our first annual Fun with TECH event on Saturday, May 11, 2019. We welcomed more than 65 young guests and sponsor members with their families. Participants took part in various activities based on real-life applications of technology. These included coding workshops, creating magnetic pens, static electricity with balloons, connecting circuits just in time for Mother’s Day cards and launching robots.

The goal was to demonstrate science, technology, engineering and mathematics in everyday life and help children engage with technology in a creative and fun way.

Special thanks to E-bots for coming to our event and leading incredible activities, as well as, sharing information about projects they are working on.

View two videos of the event below as well as some FUN with TECH pictures

We also plan to develop leadership skills in our members in various disciplines such as programming, Computer Aided Design, animation videos, media and business. We are continuing to grow STEM awareness in our community with events such as Motion Monday, where every Monday our members conduct workshops on various STEM related activities. It’s going to be an exciting year, building on past successes and spreading the word about STEM.