Innovation Time 2018

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Innovative Minds

Innovation comes in all shapes and sizes, the one constant: all innovation starts with a new, creative way of looking at a challenge that results in a better solution. Take a look at some of the innovations our students developed this school year:

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Senior School Innovation Time

Each of our senior school students chose a topic they were passionate about and explored how they could make a difference. Among the innovations: healthy eating apps, programmes for underfunded schools and research tracking significant changes in local wildlife.


Our coding students developed a wide range of programmes to address local and global needs. Isabella Hao ’18 and Jieni Luo ’19, created an online attendance system to help students become independent. Angela Souza ’18 and Victoria Meola ’18 spent the year promoting STEM and developing hands-on lesson plans to help engage Grade 9 students. In the process, they developed their own leadership skills.


Business students developed their own product lines and created marketing campaigns to accompany them. Just More Cookies, developed by Clara Dmytryshyn ’21, Jessica Baggetta ’21 and Mahalia Lotz ’21 and Soft and Sweet a skin care line developed by Taissa Czerwoniak ’20 and Alexandra Kirou ’20 were two of the many creative businesses that we can’t wait to see come to life online and in stores sometime soon.


Middle School Innovation Time

The design process is based on a new educational model called Design Thinking that employs a structured framework for identifying challenges, gathering information and problem solving. Middle School students used the design process to build empathy for a cause they felt was impacting the world.


They spent time researching and developing thoughtful “How Might I…” questions to better understand how to best address their issue. At the end of May, students shared projects that were rich in content and creativity and highlighted something that they were passionate about. Some of the projects included a comprehensive series of travel guides for families to enjoy, new lip gloss lines, fashion lines, projects aligned with charitable awareness, games to build confidence in friendships and much more!