Innovation with Robotics

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HNMCS Robotics

At Holy Name of Mary College School Senior Robotics we welcome students with all types of interests to come and learn new skills. Robotics is so much more than robots and coding. It is a community within our school that allows girls to come together to learn, create and bond.

In just three years, the group has grown from 2 to more than 30 students and has achieved unprecedented success. They have organized remarkable inaugural events such as a whole school Science Technology Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) day, Engineering Career Night to ignite interest in a career in engineering and RoboScience Expo where robotics teams demonstrated their robots to the community. We also actively grew coding ability in our middle school by running workshops and training sessions.


This year, we have registered our own FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) team for the 2018-2019 season and are looking forward to competing as a team. We are excited to be going to the off-season competition RahChaCha Ruckus Competition in Rochester, New York in October.


We also plan to develop leadership skills in our members in various disciplines such as programming, Computer Aided Design, animation videos, media and business. We are continuing to grow STEM awareness in our community with events such as Motion Monday, where every Monday our members conduct workshops on various STEM related activities. It’s going to be an exciting year, building on past successes and spreading the word about STEM.