Mallory Bond – Schulich Leader

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Meet Schulich Leader Mallory Bond

We are thrilled to announce that Mallory Bond '20 has accepted an offer to become a Schulich Leader at the University of Toronto. A Schulich Leader is one of 100 students who are selected each year by 20 top Canadian universities to receive $100,000 or $80,000 to pursue an undergraduate degree in a STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) related programme. In addition to this significant financial award, they join an elite network and receive ongoing benefits. Since 2012, 370 Schulich Leaders have been awarded this prestigious national award and only six have been graduates of Mississauga high schools.


Each year, Canadian secondary schools can nominate one graduating student to be a Leader. This year there were 1,400 nominees. Students must be entrepreneurial minded, show outstanding community, business or entrepreneurial leadership, and achieve academic excellence.

“Our school is committed to the integration of 21st century skills and the development of each girl’s love of learning,” said Head of School, Carrie Hughes-Grant. “We are very proud that we are able to foster the development of well-rounded girls like Mallory.”


In addition to maintaining a high academic average throughout high school and singing in the HNMCS award winning choir, Mallory also followed a demanding competitive dance schedule, completed senior Vocational and Graded RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) Ballet exams, and won a Silver Medal representing Canada at the 2017 World Tap Dance Championships (International Dance Organization, in Riesa, Germany). The HNMCS Elite Athlete programme made it possible for Mallory to effectively participate in both her academics and follow her extra-curricular passions.

HNMCS math and science teacher Dr. Karen Kozma, who is a professional engineer and an alum of the school said, “In this setting, girls are allowed to discover their natural potential in non-traditional fields. They bring a unique perspective to STEM.”


Mallory also considers her generation to be the most community-centred in history. She believes that if someone feels safe and innately valuable, they will develop self-confidence; more likely than not, they will pay that gesture forward. They will populate a community that is inclusive and self-sustaining. So, in addition to working as a Swim Coach and Certified Lifeguard, Mallory also managed to complete over 500 hours of volunteer work including building a school in Kenya with her HNMCS classmates, and received a Duke of Edinburgh Gold Level Award. Inspired by these experiences, she combined arts and community service to launch a program at HNMCS to engage at-risk youth with music and song.

“In the end, community-service is about what kind of world you want to live in. I am honoured to have served with others at HNMCS and to join the Schulich Leadership network. I am excited to share and learn from other leaders. I do not know what the long-term impact of our collective efforts will be. But even if only a couple of people carry a positive impact forward, we will all feel it,” said Mallory.

Mallory will be pursuing a degree in Mathematics and Physical Sciences at Trinity College.