Middle School Retreats 2022

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Annual Religion Retreats for MS Students

On September 28, the whole Middle School participated in their annual Religion Retreats.

The grade 5/6 classes went north to Marylake Retreat Centre and walked the beautiful Rosary Path. Both teachers and students expressed their faith with one another and came together as a community through scripture, relationship-building activities, discussion and prayer.

The Grade 7 class journeyed to Balls Falls Conservation Centre where they engaged in activities under the theme of One with Ourselves and Our Community. They explored some of their fears and they looked at ways to support each other. They wrote uplifting letters to themselves to be opened in the future and they wrote inspirational messages to each other. The day culminated with a lovely hike through the forest to see Balls Falls.

The Grade 8 class spent the morning working in service.

Gr. 7 at the Mill