New Global Partnership for HNMCS

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The HNMCS Science programme has expanded to now include a global partnership that will revitalise the HNMCS Mini-Medical School. This partnership with Partners for Patients (PFP), an NGO whose mission is to reduce human suffering and respond to the top 4 United Nations Sustainable Development goals (reduce poverty, reduce hunger, improve health, wellness and improve education), will see many opportunities for our senior school students once the COVID pandemic settles and student vaccinations are available, including summer medical placements/internships in hospitals across 193 countries. The annual global medical mission trips and research expeditions will resume as well pending government approval.

PFP was established over 30 years ago by Mimi Choon-Quinones, mother of HNMCS alumna Hope Quinones ‘18, and post pandemic the PFP digital Mini-Medical School (MMS) will serve 193 UN Countries in ~200 languages, with the technology powered by BlueCloud platform to serve medical professionals, university science students, secondary and middle school students.

The MMS will include training programs and optional virtual real-time observations of surgeries (heart, brain, lung, bone marrow transplant etc.) with Yale University. Additional student learning opportunities will be offered in virtual Health and Education Policython competitions in partnership with PFP, Erevna-Harvard University and HNMCS where prizes may be won. The digital and in person Mini Medical school and Policython competitions are both free to all students across the world enabling marginalized nations to access education to become an international equalizer.

Gina Nicoletti, the HNMCS Med Sci Lead, is also now the Global Head in Health Science Education for PFP, and will in her dual role lead both the international internal and global external programs covering all 193 UN countries.

Beginning September 2021, the internal programs will be re-launched and include HOSA, Microbiology, Forensics, Biotechnology, Observerships and Middle School lessons. The external programs, co-created by HNMCS and PFP, will create over 90 innovative global student opportunities.

Other educational opportunities include annual conferences at Niagara Falls coordinated by HNMCS/Gina Nicoletti, PFP, Harvard, Yale and MIT Universities on the topic of Solving Humanity’s Greatest Health and Education Challenges will be available for students and professionals. The 4-day program (remote or in-person) includes global keynote speakers from the medical and science professions and universities, break-out sessions, workshops, policy shaping, intensive educational programs, networking and team building. All Medical Science programs internally at HNMCS and externally partnered with PFP will provide students with real-world experiences, certifications, and mentoring.