New Year, New Beginnings

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A central part of life at HNMCS is growing in our Catholic faith. Our staff and students develop a deeper relationship with Jesus as we participate in the Sacraments such as our Opening Mass in our school Chapel. We welcomed Fr. Jim Zettel from Merciful Redeemer Parish in Mississauga to celebrate the Mass, as he reminded us of the important message that we are all called to be saints. We are called for heaven, and that does not mean going to superhero lengths, but instead, having the central focus of our lives and everything we do oriented towards God. After Mass, different groups in our community re-committed themselves to both God and our special HNMCS community in our annual Commissioning Ceremony.

Ms. Hughes-Grant, our new Head of School, committed to being her most authentic self and strengthening the bonds between all those involved in making HNMCS the special place it is. The staff then committed themselves to being a light to others in the school and encouraging our students to shine their light and to share their gifts and talents. Members of student government committed to being leaders and role models of faith in our school as well as serving their school community wholeheartedly. It was a touching moment as all students stood together and promised to lift up their classmates and strive to be the best version of themselves over this new school year. Finally, our graduating class of 2020 thoughtfully declared their commitment to their school community, their fellow classmates, and received a blessed kilt pin and special blessing honoring the beginning of their final year here at HNMCS.

The Mass and Commissioning Ceremony to begin this new school year was a moment of rest and peace for both students and staff. It can be difficult to adjust to returning to the routine of school after summer holidays. However, with this beautiful tradition, both staff and students are refreshed and committed to making this school year one where God can watch over each person apart of our HNMCS community.


Middle School Retreats

At HNMCS a variety of outdoor camps and retreats are held at the beginning of the school year to encourage cooperation, teamwork, acceptance and positive leadership.

Grade 5/6 Retreat

The Grades 5 and 6 retreat took place at the Marylake Retreat Centre in King City. Throughout the day, both students and teachers came together as a community through scripture, relationship-building activities, discussion and prayer. With the focus on our Core Values of Justice, Empathy, Respect and Compassion, they created Zentangles, which uses repetitive patterns to create beautiful images as part of the themes they will explore throughout the year.

Grade 7 Retreat

Our Grade 7 students went to Balls Falls Conservation Area on September 11 where they explored ways to work together to support one another. Students enjoyed a walk to the falls and spending time getting to know each other

Grade 8 Retreat

The Grade 8 Retreat took the form of an outreach activity at St. Francis Table in Toronto. In keeping with our Core Values of Empathy and Compassion, students had the opportunity to help prepare and serve meals to the patrons of St. Francis Table, an organisation that provides nutritious meals to the needy in Toronto’s Parkdale neighbourhood.