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Team FRC7659 Pays it Forward

Business Brunch

HNMCS Robotics hosted its 4th annual Business Brunch on Saturday, November 28. Due to current restrictions, this year’s event was held online through Google Meet. The interactive event, aimed at all high school students, brought together recent graduates of business programmes, to talk about their education, university life, job experiences and much more.

The speakers had taken different paths in their careers, such as starting off in science before transferring to business, or extending their education with an MBA, and they provided the student attendees with some great insights and advice for university. Students were encouraged to join clubs, participate in competitions, seek mentors, approach professors during business hours, and research the values of companies when looking for jobs. They also made a commitment to stay connected with them.

Business Brunch was an eye-opening experience for me. Earlier this year, I developed an interest in business and attending this event helped me expand my knowledge of it. I got to listen to various speakers talk about their journey in the business field, and also had an opportunity to speak with them.
Sally Jeon ‘23

Team Update

While COVID-19 has certainly brought things to a standstill, Team FRC7659 has used the time to reimagine planned events and strategize for an exciting 2021 season. By connecting virtually multiple times a week, HNMCS Robotics has put together many initiatives to support the community and innovate new solutions towards the team's success.

HNMCS Robotics is overflowing with excitement for Kickoff on January 9th 2021, where the start of the 2021 Season takes off! The team will connect virtually to analyze the new season’s challenges, and brainstorm ideas.

Also in January, HNMCS Robotics will resume “Drop In Coding”, an outreach initiative for children in grades 6-9. Drop in Coding is a free programme that allows children, with little to no coding experience, to learn how to code using EV3 bots. This initiative has been well received in previous years, and the team is excited to help the next generation develop an interest in robotics. Keep an eye out for more details!