Ruckus Robotics 2022

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Team 7659 Goes to Rochester, NY

On Saturday, October 22, FRC Team 7659 bravely ventured to Rochester, New York to compete at Ra Cha Cha Ruckus. Adorned in festive pumpkins hats, HNMCS Robotics came together to deliver an exhilarating, engaging, and fun-filled performance.

Robotics Team at Rochester

The girls admirably persevered throughout every challenge thrown at them, acting with gracious professionalism and ingenuity in every twist-and-turn of the competition. The drive team, consisting of Sofia Anunciacao ‘23, Veronica Grignano ‘23, and Sally Jeon ‘23, expertly manoeuvred the robot, supported by the team’s excited cheering.

FRC Team 7659 placed 4th out of 36 teams, making it into the semi-finals as Alliance Captain! The enthusiasm of the HNMCS Robotics team was infectious. From fun costumes, to festive cobweb decorations on the bot, to a friendship bracelet give-away, the girls were sure to leave their mark and inspire creativity at Ruckus.

FRC Team 7659 looks forward to the new robotics season which is sure to bring about even more excitement and success! Until then, the team will continue to promote STEM to the school and the greater community through various upcoming outreach events.

For more information on Team 7659 please visit the team website.