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Exploring the Sciences

Students at HNMCS have been busy exploring new programme and co-currciular offerings, as well as some much loved favourites. Here's a look at some of the programmes:

Riverwood Conservatory: In October 2019, Gr. 11 Chemistry students experience real-world water quality testing at the Riverwood Conservatory in Mississauga. Students also examined the river specimens to determine the proper chemistry balance in the water to promote aquatic life.

Project-Base Learning & UTM Chemistry Labs: The Gr.12 Chemistry students conducted organic chemistry investigations to identify unknown molecules and worked alongside university students at University of Toronto, Mississauga, in a new collaboration established by Ms. Nicoletti and Ms. Judith Poe, Department Head of Chemistry at UTM. Students conducted qualitative and quantitative analysis that enhanced their knowledge in organic chemistry reactions to prepare them for university studies.


AMGEN/UTM Biotechnology
Gr.12 Biology students will be learning biotechnology techniques through a series of 6 university level biotechnology labs adapted from the University of Toronto Mississauga and AMGEN pharmaceuticals. The core of genetic engineering is explored where carefully planned changes to DNA lead to production of specific proteins. Students connect to real-world applications as they learn that genetic disease can be treated using proteins produced by bacteria whose DNA has been changed by the addition of the corresponding human gene (i.e. insulin). In these procedures, genetic engineering is carried out using very specific tools and students will develop laboratory skills using micropipettes, gel electrophoresis and column chromatography. Cloning a gene requires being able to dispense small and accurate volumes of enzymes, plasmids and media and students become proficient in these techniques during this experience.

Co-Curricular Opportunities

Microbiology: The microbiology cocurricular is an introduction to microbiology for university studies program that teaches students how to prepare sterile nutrient agar plates, swab and plate microplates and identify the types of microorganisms found. Students learn the process of preparing gram negative and positive stains.

HNMCS' 1st HOSA Team (14 members) is preparing for the 2020 Spring Leadership Conference with activities such as learning how to cast broken limbs, suturing - one stitch at a time and researching topics including dental, medical and pharmacology and many more! HOSA Canada is the largest health science student organization in North America. The mission is to enhance the quality of health education and the delivery of healthcare by providing future health professionals with opportunities, technical training and leadership development that enables students to meet the ever-changing needs of the health care community. There are hands-on and lecture style workshops hosted by medical students, universities, corporations and nonprofits at the April 27 - 28, 2020 Spring Leadership Conference.


Still to come in 2020

The Forensic Science programme has been a huge success in the past years and will begin again in January 2020. The forensic science students will attend a presentation by Dr. Tracy Rogers, Ph.D., Director of Anthropology at the University of Toronto, Mississauga campus. Dr. Rogers shares her experience as a forensic anthropologist in famous investigations including the horrific case of Robert Pickton, a former multi-millionaire pig farmer and serial killer convicted in 2007 of the second –degree murders. Students will learn the different fields of study associated with forensic science and the associated roles. They will also participate in two workshops, a crime scene investigation and an anthropology lab, where they will identify differences in human and animal bone anatomy and male and female skulls. Additional laboratories will include chemical drug identification, hair analysis, human bone anatomy and finger-printing. Special guests from Crime Scene Identification Office and a Forensic Toxicologist are highlights to look forward to.

Medical Mission Trip - Summer 2020

Registration now open for senior school students and parents interested in our annual summer Dominican Republic Medical Mission trip to San Joaquin, Dominican Republic led by Ms. Nicoletti, who is a Global Trip Leader for the Foundation for Peace. The 7-day trip includes a medical clinic for ~500 people, door-to-door clinics for the elderly and the sick, as well as a building project and a Sunday school. The various groups from HNMCS have contributed in the building of the water collection tower and the water purification system in San Joaquin.
Trip dates - June 24 - July 3, 2020.