Spring Co-Curriculars

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New Spring Co-Curriculars


HNMCS is excited as students participate in archery for the first time this spring. It’s a different kind of team sport, one that is accessible to all regardless of gender, size or athletic skill, and teaches focus, self-control, discipline and patience--life lessons that will serve students well inside and outside the classroom.


Rowing is a popular springtime co-curricular at HNMCS. Lessons and practice take place at the Don Rowing Club in Port Credit. Students will first practise indoors on rowing machines before acquiring extra skills in “the tank”, a special indoor room for water practice with oars. They will later go out on the river.


Chinese Dance

This classical Chinese dance co-curricular program offers students the opportunity to explore the beauty of one of the most ancient cultures in the world through music and dance. during the classes, Students will also focus on the importance of posture, balance and flexibility as they learn the unique dance movements and skills. Each class is an energetic and fun-filled experience that students absolutely love!