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Why HNMCS was (and still is) the right fit for me.

My name is Sophia Gorgiev, and I am in Grade 11 at Holy Name of Mary College School, where I have been since grade 7. Despite the fact that I live in downtown Toronto and the school is in Mississauga, I chose Holy Name and here's why.

Holy Name of Mary College School is not only a school, but also a close-knit community. Many aspects influenced my decision during my quest for the ideal school for me, including academics, clubs offered, and leadership opportunities. I visited multiple private schools, however, the instant I walked through the doors, I knew HNMCS was the ideal fit for me. During my initial tour, I was impressed by how individualized the learning is and how dedicated all of the teachers are about the success of their students. The older girls mentoring the younger generations and all the girls in the halls treating each other like sisters really stood out to me.

The daily commute has been more than worth it. The leadership skills I have acquired from being on the Student Government Council since grade 9, varsity hockey captain and the president of the Crafting for a Cure club has prepared me for university and beyond. I was also recently elected as the incoming president for the 2022-2023 school year and the skills I've acquired will help me as I navigate peer to peer relationships and also lead the student body.

HNMCS has been a place where I have built confidence, self advocacy skills, and resilience which have all prepared me in being able to pursue anything I put my mind to. HNMCS’ supportive and loving community has taught me to be proud of who I am and given me the opportunity to build lifelong friendships.


Sophia Gorgiev '23