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The Medical Science Programme

The Medical Science Programme at HNMCS is making steady progress and continues to grow from its pilot phase in 2012. Recently expanded, the portfolio now includes internal university level opportunities like HOSA, microbiology, biotechnology, and forensic science through our co-curricular programme, as well as external global opportunities provided through our professional affiliation with Partners for Patients (PFP).

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The Medical Sciences Programme is led by Ms. Euginia Nicoletti, an experienced Science and Education Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the pharmaceutical and secondary education industries. Under her stewardship, the programme has grown to include various in-class and co-curricular opportunities to enhance the student experience at HNMCS in an environment optimised for girls' learning.

HOSA is a competitive club, for future healthcare professionals, whose mission is to enable students to become leaders in the healthcare industry by acquiring the knowledge, skills training, and leadership development through competition. Each year HOSA holds Canada’s largest health science competition for secondary and postsecondary students. Students will also collaborate through case studies and through practical labs to develop their training in a variety of related professions. In addition, medical and science professionals are scheduled as guest speakers throughout the year.

The Microbiology section introduces students to the fascinating world of microbes! In this club, students are introduced to the field of microbiology and investigate the amazing diversity of microbial life. They learn about the significant role microbes play in health, food, and the environment, through inspections and practical labs they can try at home, as well as university-level plating, staining and identification experiments. This programme continues to develop through Ms. Nicoletti's knowledge and certification in aseptic processing and techniques through the Parental Drug Association (PDA) Bethesda, MD, USA).

The Biotechnology programme is supported by UTM and AMGEN, a pharmaceutical company. Students are introduced to university level biotechnology labs and techniques to clone and purify a gene through recombinant DNA technology and the use of gel electrophoresis for separation and identification. All lab techniques are transferable skills for university and the biotech industry.

Forensic Science is a senior school medical science programme that features special guest speakers. From a Peel Regional Police Forensic ID Officer to a Forensic Toxologist, students will gain valuable insight from professionals who will share their expertise from collecting evidence from real crime scenes up to the scientific analysis of of the evidence for use in the court of law. Students will also participate in a Drug Identification lab, Fingerprinting Analysis lab, Hair Analysis lab, a Human skeleton analysis lab and more exciting experiences.


Ms. Nicoletti in her dual role with PFP as the Global Head in Health Science Education and Dr. Choon Quinones, PFP Founder have collaborated to extend the Medical Science Program externally to include virtual Mini Medical Schools and competitive events offered by the Harvard School of Public Health. As Covid cases on a local and global-level become resolved students can look forward to participation in global campaigns in Education, Healthcare, Poverty and Hunger through placements, medical mission trips to the Dominican Republic, preceptorships in Ghana’s Department of Defense Hospitals and missions at the By Grace Orphanage in Kenya. More information can be found through the PFP virtual summit on Sept. 29th. Ms. Nicoletti will be one of the Medical School speakers. All students can register for free at the following link:

Meet Our Alumnae

Graduates of HNMCS have gone on a to a diverse range of post-secondary programmes, from the Arts and Engineering to Business and the Sciences. If you are interested in finding out how our innovative programming in the Medical Sciences has helped our Alumnae, read their stories here.

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