Welcome to 2019-2020

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Welcome to 2019-2020!

I am often asked why the STEM focus at a girls school? And besides the obvious answer of these are the skills girls need in the modern world, I say girls need to experience learning through opportunities where they are able to try and try again without the worry of what others think, with the understanding that no one gets something right the first time and that we only make things better with further exploration. It is important to note that this should not be at the peril of the arts, language, history and culture, but rather the building together of the whole girl.

This past June I was blessed with the opportunity to attend the NCGS conference in Pasadena CA where the conference focus was exactly this: Dare Dream Do. We met Disney Imagineers, MIT grads, NASA engineers, an inter galactic astronomer, writers and producers on successful Netflix TV shows and movies and they all had one thing in common - a willingness to fail and learn from it. I don’t like the word failure, as I feel education has given the word a negative context - that F on a report card, when really what failure needs to mean is education - it is the design cycle process - it is exploration - it is unleashing our curiosity.

I look forward to meeting each and every family and discussing your daughter’s education at HNMCS.